Integrated Studies Degree: Aging

A new undergraduate degree for a career in aging services.

B.S. degree program
Total hours required = 49

Integrated studies allows students to custom design a course of study that matches their professional and personal interests and goals. The program provides students with a cross-disciplinary perspective and prepares students for a variety of careers with breadth of knowledge and excellent problem-solving skills for today’s rapidly changing work environment.

The Integrated Studies program permits students to take courses from several academic areas to prepare themselves for a job market that requires skills and knowledge from more than a single traditional academic discipline. These students may be motivated by specific interests not recognized in traditional majors but can take advantage of the cross-disciplinary perspective.

Additionally, the program is ideal for students who have earned college credits elsewhere. The program is flexible and most courses can be counted toward the degree if the student can articulate a legitimate connection to the individual development plan.

The major must include two concentration areas (12 hours per area) with at least three hours taken at Lipscomb and six upper-division credits per concentration. No course may be counted in more than one concentration. Students may select Organizational Leadership as one of their concentrations for a competency-based option.

Students must take 12 additional credit hours of related upper-division elective courses. These courses may be drawn from the concentration areas, selected from other areas complementary to the student’s individual development plan, or come from credits earned through the CORE Competency Assessment Center. No more than 24 semester hours in business course work will count toward graduation requirements. 

In addition to General Education, Bible, and a minor, the Integrated Studies major requires 49 credit hours encompassing a 13 hour core curriculum, two 12 hour concentrations and 12 hours in upper-division electives.

Core Curriculum Hours
UN 1201 Seminar for Adult Success 1
INST 2113 Discovering Your Calling 3
INST 3003 Changing Lives Through Your Vocation 3
INST 4003 Senior Project: Restorative Responses 3
BI 2893 Reading Your Life-Biblical Narrative 3
Concentration 1: Management Hours
MG 3403 Servant Leadership 3
MG 3503 Principles of Management 3
MG 4403 Organizational Behavior 3
MG 4453 Human Resource Management 3
Concentration 2: Psychology Hours
PS 2313 Behavior Modification 3
PS 2423 Lifespan Development 3
PS 3453 Death and Dying 3
Select one Upper-division PS course—3 hours
Concentration 3: Family Science Hours
FS 3433 Family Interaction 3
FS 3503 Family Problems 3
FS 3513 Family Resource Management 3
FS 4403 Families in Later Adulthood 3
Concentration 4: Social Welfare Hours
SW 1103 Intro to Social Work 3
SW 2353 Effects of Disability 3
SW 3113 Race and Ethnic Groups 3
SW 3223 Social Work and Aging 3
Concentration 5: Law, Justice and Society Hours
LJS 2103 Society and the Law 3
LJS 3303 Influencing Change 3
Select two other LJS courses with advisor approval
Concentration 6: Education Hours
ED 2313 Schooling in America 3
ED 3404 Primary Education 3
ED 3343 Cultural Perspectives in Education 3
ED 3363 Books: Passports to Adventure 3
Concentration 7: Information Technology Hours
CS 1213 Introduction to Computer Programming 3
IT 2223 Web Application Development I 3
SEC 3113 Principles of Information Security 3
IT 3113 Network Principles 3
Concentration 8: Marketing Hours
MK 3503 Principles of Marketing 3
Three other courses from MK 3403, 3533, 3543, 4xn3

Minor in Aging

Total hours required—18

Specific courses required Hours
INST 3013 Aging Across the Disciplines 3
SW 3223 Social Work with Aging 3
NUTR 3633 Nutrition Across the Lifespan 3
MG 3503 Principles of Management 3
FS 4403 Families in Later Adulthood 3
PS 3453 Death and Dying 3

For more information about the Integrated Studies Aging major or minor, please contact Marty Chester, or 615.966.1109. 

For information about Lipscomb's Adult Degree Program, where working adults can choose an Aging major or minor, please contact James Bush, or 615.966.1111.