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Teresa Williams, Registrar, is responsible for enforcing institutional academic policies, publishing the schedule of courses and the academic calendar. She also assists students in declaration of majors and approving the transference of courses. Mrs. Williams serves on several campus committees and works closely with administration, faculty, staff, students and parents on many issues.

Janice Choate, Associate Registrar, is responsible for generating many strategic reports for requests from on and off campus.  She also handles a wide range of duties, assisting students in declaration of major and approving the transference of courses.

Gay Johnson, Transcript Specialist,  produces transcripts for students and former students, advisors, etc. She also assists with other inquiries to the Office.

Corey Klem, Student Services Coordinator, is the first stop for telephone calls and visitors to our office. He handles inquiries from students, parents, lending agencies, other offices on campus, etc., with expertise and concern. He also assists in maintaining student records by processing incomplete grades and grade changes.

Jacqueline Langston, Graduation Coordinator, manages the graduation process for students and arranges the Commencement ceremonies, as well as assisting with student record maintenance.

Deanna Poole, Transcript Analyst, works with the Adult Degree Program, reviewing transcripts, processing major/minor forms and posting transferred coursework.

Elsa Vester, Transcript Analyst, tracks incoming transcripts on new students and posts transferred coursework. She also processes requests for transfer work approval from current students.