Lipscomb Initiative for Behavioral Health Integration

Lipscomb Initiative for Behavioral Health Integration is in the past.

Announcing the Inaugural Training for

Lipscomb's Initiative for Behavioral Health Integration 

Friday, May 25 from 9 AM to 12 Noon 

A. M. Burton Health Science Center 

Room 109 Flex Conference Room 

Wendy Bradley, LPC Director of Behavioral 

Health Integration at TMF Health Quality Institute

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This trained is funded through a grant provided by the Health Resources and Services Administration.


With the increasing focus of population health, Behavioral Health Integration has become an impactful approach to improve quality of care, enhance access to services and reduce overall healthcare costs. Integrating behavioral health services into a health care system involves changes across an organization’s workforce, operations, clinical protocols, training and more. This training will provide an overview of the models of behavioral health integration, the value that this approach brings to both patients and clinicians and the key components of development.