Summer Experience at Lipscomb Academy/CEA: Storytelling


Summer Experience at Lipscomb Academy/CEA: Storytelling is in the past.

July 17-21 • Noon-3:00 p.m.

Open to students entering the 8th through 12th grades
Are you that person in the theater who is analyzing the camera shots of a movie while all your friends are just chomping on popcorn and staring at the screen? Are you the one who noticed that Chris Pratt had the gun holster on his left hip 3 seconds ago and now it's on his right? Have you ever wanted to actually make a Hollywood Movie? If you said yes to any of those questions, then this is the camp for you!! Come join us for Lipscomb's annual Film Camp!!!! This is a 2 week camp, but if you can only make one week, you can still attend the camp for that week, and will have learn a lot!

Week One - Writing The Script (and pre-production)
This is a five-day intensive on writing and producing movies. Students will learn classic 3-Act structure and professional storytelling, but in a fun, cinematic setting. By the end of the 1st week, some scripts will be selected for shooting, the campers will be split into production groups and begin producing their films.
Week Two – Making Movies
Campers will work to produce the scripts developed during Week One.The campers will complete pre-production, cast, shoot and edit a finished film by the end of this week. The completed films will be shown in the evening at 7pm, July 28th. Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends are encouraged to come and watch these exciting movies that the campers have been up to for the last 2 weeks. 

Dave DeBorde is an active filmmaker, professor of Cinematic Arts and overall content creator who is involved in a variety of Film and TV projects. One of his more recent efforts is the feature film romantic-dramedy, Old Fashioned, which broke a box office record in its 1st weekend and enjoyed a nation-wide theatrical release. DeBorde is involved in the development of multiple TV shows and recently completed an entire season as showrunner for the new reality series, Soccer Moms. DeBorde is cultivating multiple film projects including, Matryoshka, a Rom-Com slated to be shot in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, 2017. Another interesting project is the historical biopic on Eliezer Ben-Yehuda the controversial “Father of Modern Hebrew,” as well as an additional Romantic Comedy, which is a much sought after Latino cross-over for a major studio. David lives in Nashville with his Rockstar English professor wife, Alisa, and their 4 hyper creative kids!

The following are some of David's former students who attended his camps just like you can!
Kristen Ledlow - Sports celebrity, ESPN personality and star of Inside NBA Stuff Topher Harless - Network Shows Marketing for NBC
Gina Triola - Assistant Director for: Dexter, Fresh Off the Boat, Sons of Anarchy, The Mentalist
Cassidy Routh - Graphic Artist for Samantha Bea
Aaron Inman - Reality Show Producer. Dance Moms
Ilan Ben-Yehuda - Assistant Director for Property Brothers
Carly Marconi - Casting Director
Cameron Reck - Talent Coordinator for the American Music Awards/Emmy's
Kyle Tye - Reality TV editor
Gabe Stoutimore - Facebook
Paul Tackett - Director of Photography/Camera Operator...and many more!

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