College of Leadership & Public Service

Lipscomb offers an academic home for students who want to go into law, public service, non-profit management, corporate social justice and government, to name a few. The College of Leadership and Public Service is great common ground for students who understand that common sense and collaboration—not conflict—is the path to more common good in cultures, communities and nations.

The College of Leadership and Public Service

Welcome to a college for those who aspire to help shape and practice a different approach to leadership and public service, built on a model of civil discourse, innovation and bold action. Ask the right questions. Listen to understand. Collaborate to serve. Use civil discourse to create bold action.

One of the newest colleges at the university to address one of humankind’s basic issues: how do we live together in our communities, with government, through social institutes and other parts of the warp and wood of social fabric.

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Civic Leadership

The Nelson and Sue Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership launches students who launch civic change. The institute delivers on the dual promise of community impact through its unique master's program and individual leadership development that is focused on developing and deepening the collaborative skills of current and emerging leaders from the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

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Conflict Management

The Institute for Conflict Management assembles the best thinkers from a wide range of fields—law, business, sociology—to examine why conflicts arise and develops and teaches skills based on best practices in this important area of public life.

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Law, Justice & Society

The Institute for Law, Justice & Society is based on the idea that legal change is one of the surest means to effect social change. Here, we consider America’s legal system from a multidisciplinary perspective to get a fuller understanding of its mechanisms, practice, and consequences.

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Sustainable Practice

The Institute for Sustainable Practice was a response to the new pollution, rising gas prices, and extreme weather in 2007. Since then, we’ve invited pioneering entrepreneurs, innovative scientists, creative engineers, visionary policy makers, and other sustainability leaders to share their proven insights, best practices, and research.

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School of Public Policy

Working together to achieve bold, courageous action for the common good is lost today in the noise of uncivil discourse and polarization, not just in Washington and not just in government. Action has been replaced with gridlock ,and trust in established institutions is at an all-time low. Challenges are more complex and new models for political and community change are required. But things can change. With a college for those who aspire to help shape and practice a different approach to leadership and public service.

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Graduate Programs

Through the new College of Leadership and Public Service, the existing institutes will continue to offer master's degrees in civic leadership, conflict management and sustainable practice. In addition to this outstanding established programming, the new School of Public Policy will offer a master's degree in leadership and public service.

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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate degrees will model the highest standards of professional practice, public service and community engagement while combining these experiences with the specific skill sets and theoretical foundations of each of the disciplines represented in the college.

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Special Programs

From events highlighting specific areas of sustainable practice, collaborative learning and dialog programs such as Leadership Tennessee to regional convocations on conflict management skills, put these on your calendar in the days and months ahead.

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