College of Pharmacy

Lipscomb University will accept applications from students who create a PharmCAS account by May 18, 2017. Requests to add Lipscomb as a designation will be honored through the June 1, 2017 deadline.

Most likely, because you are preparing for a career in health care, you have a very high level of compassion, intellectual curiosity, leadership skill and energy for making a difference in the lives of the people you serve. Great, you’re going to fit right in here at Lipscomb! Your educational experience in this college will be characterized by exceptional academics taught by experienced professionals, by Christian faith, and by a very challenging grounding in ethical and compassionate practice. Yes, very lofty and significant goals, but we’re here to walk you through it in a family-like atmosphere where you will be mentored and encouraged to achieve goals you never thought you could.

IBM Watson AnalyticsLipscomb is the first college of pharmacy in the country to provide student pharmacists a competitive edge in their education through cloud-based access to the IBM Watson Analytics platform. With this tool, students can generate or import data allowing them to explore and discover answers and insights —without relying on outside data scientists or IT. Through this partnership, Lipscomb is helping equip student pharmacists with the skills to help them excel in an evolving health care marketplace. 

Learn more about this unique partnership here.

We train successful pharmacists

How successful you ask? Well take a look at our pass rates for the MPJE and NAPLEX just for starters. A complete list of our quality indicators can be found below.

  • 100%MPJE Pass Rate
  • 96.10%NAPLEX Pass Rate
  • 100%Job Placement Rate*

* Of the pharmacy students who want to be practicing, 100% found jobs and are currently practicing.

Quality Indicators

College of Pharmacy at-a-glance

Class Facts

  • 44% Male
  • 56% Female
  • 45% Out of State
  • 55% In State
  • 62% Residency Placement Rate
  • 93% On-time Graduation

College Facts

  • Founded 2007
  • Accredited through 2018
  • 8 Residencies available
  • 9:1 Students to faculty mentors
  • $8 Million research lab
  • $1.3 Million in research funding


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